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Wumex is a team of passionate creatives and experienced marketing professionals who help businesses thrive in the digital world. We craft tailored online marketing strategies that combine innovative ideas with proven techniques to deliver results.

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We dive deep into data to uncover valuable insights that drive informed decision-making.


We craft tailored online marketing strategies that combine innovative ideas with proven techniques.

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We deliver measurable results that help businesses achieve their marketing goals and grow.

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Revitalizing Swiss Tourism with "Alpine Escapes"

Wumex recently partnered with the Swiss Tourism Board to launch "Alpine Escapes," a comprehensive digital campaign designed to attract international visitors to Switzerland's breathtaking mountain regions. The campaign leveraged targeted social media advertising, engaging content marketing, and influencer partnerships to showcase the unique experiences and natural beauty of the Swiss Alps. Early results indicate a significant increase in website traffic and booking inquiries for Swiss tourism operators, highlighting the effectiveness of Wumex's data-driven approach and creative storytelling.

Promoting Sustainability with "Green Living"

Wumex collaborated with a leading Swiss sustainability organization to develop "Green Living," an online platform dedicated to promoting eco-conscious practices and showcasing Swiss companies committed to sustainability. The platform features engaging articles, informative videos, and interactive tools that encourage individuals and businesses to adopt greener lifestyles. Wumex's expertise in content creation and digital marketing resulted in a significant increase in platform engagement and a heightened awareness of sustainable living in Switzerland.

Customer Engagement for Swiss Watchmaker "Montreux Timepieces"

Wumex partnered with "Montreux Timepieces," a renowned Swiss watchmaker, to revitalize their online presence and strengthen customer engagement. Wumex implemented a comprehensive strategy that included a redesign of their website, the creation of compelling social media campaigns, and the development of a personalized email marketing program. The result was a significant increase in website traffic, higher conversion rates, and a stronger brand connection with watch enthusiasts worldwide, further solidifying Montreux Timepieces' position as a leader in the luxury watch market.

Boosting Local Businesses with the "Shop Local Switzerland" Initiative

Wumex partnered with several Swiss municipalities to launch the "Shop Local Switzerland" initiative, a multi-channel campaign aimed at revitalizing local economies by encouraging consumers to support businesses in their communities. Wumex developed a user-friendly online directory of local shops and service providers, created engaging social media content showcasing their unique offerings, and organized promotional events to drive foot traffic to local businesses. The campaign has generated a renewed sense of community pride and significantly increased sales for participating businesses, demonstrating the power of Wumex's localized marketing approach.

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